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IT • MBA • MSc

I'm a Boston based Data Scientist with a background in Data Engineering and Statistics.🤓 My current research focus is on developing efficient AI algorithms and models to solve optimization and big data challenges in the healthcare and retail space.🤖

I’ve worked with tech companies, startups and non-profit organizations.

Data Scientist
CVS Health, Boston

Senior Analyst  - Graduate Intern
Connelly Partners, Boston

Part-time Consultant
Dataconomy, Germany

Product Analyst
e27,  Singapore

Data Science Consultant
REBEL, Philippines

Part-time Consultant
WhiteSkyLabs, Australia
Data Analyst - Graduate Intern
Covenant House, New York

Marketing Analyst
Penbrothers, Philippines

Google Student Ambassador
Google, SEA

A Little More About Me

I was born and raised in the islands of the Philippines, after working for a few startups in Asia both as a full time and part time consultant, I moved to Boston, US to do my Masters and have lived here since then.

Outside of work, I enjoy doing outdoorsy stuff like hiking, skiing and surfing. I've travelled to 10 countries so far (have lived in some of them for a couple of months). I love journaling, watching sports games and making my own summer jewelries.

Programming Languages:
Python, SQL (Standard SQL/ Oracle / PostgreSQL), R, Java, CSS, HTML

Data Engineering:
Data Warehousing, ETL, Data Architecture Development, Automation, Scripting, Database Management, Optimization

Analytics & Algorithm Development:
Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning Models (Supervised and Unsupervised Learning), Deep Learning, Feature Engineering, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Data Wrangling, Data Modeling, Monte Carlo Simulation

Most Used Tools:
Pycharm, Jupyter Notebook, Spyder, Oracle SQL Developer, RStudio, Azure Databricks, Tableau, Data Studio, CLI, Google Cloud Platform, BigQuery Datawarehouse, Snowflake, Alation, Trifacta

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